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G·ON Purifier 2 Pro


Purifier 2 Pro is a non-point pollution reduction facility designed by G·ON, which enables unmanned automatic operation and remote monitoring and control by applying excellent processing efficiency and IoT technology, and can purify pollutants safely and efficiently. Purifier 2 Pro's automatic backwash system maximizes media efficiency and service life, which in turn lowers environmental recovery costs.

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비점오염 저감시설 지온 퓨리파이어2 프로, 조달우수제품, Q-Mark 인증제품, 성능인증제품, 우수발명품

treatment tank

pretreatment tank

filter tank

Technical overview
  1. Securing high SS (suspended matter) treatment efficiency of over 87% by using two-stage filter media

  2. Minimize void clogging of backwash (air, water wash) media

  3. Recovering the initial head loss of the filter layer by automatically performing the backwashing process before rainfall

  4. Flotation of pollutants on the upper part of the filtration layer can be removed during backwashing by applying a floating valve

  5. Prevention of secondary contamination of treated water by removing backwash desorbed matter through the upper decanter of the filtration layer

  6. SS (suspended material) and flow rate values are checked in real time and SS reduced load monitoring function

  1. Smart remote control by applying IoT (Internet of Things) technology

  2. Easy maintenance by applying touch screen + dedicated UI

  3. Maintenance of facilities only by daily inspections at remote locations

  4. Automatic discharge of backwash water in connection with adjacent sewage pipes, etc.

  5. Automatic backwashing and unmanned operation with rainfall end recognition function

  1. It can be used for a long time by restoring the filter media performance by automatic backwashing (air, water washing)

  2. Reduce the number of dredging by automatic discharge of backwash and stagnant water

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