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water environment

Reuse/Recycle Water | Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities | Reduction of Non-Point Pollution and Rainwater Use | Aluminum/SMC Cover Manufacturing/Installation | deodorizer

G·ON's non-point pollution reduction facilities consist of products that have been certified by a number of organizations, such as designated as excellent products by the Public Procurement Service, performance certification by the Ministry of Small and Medium Business, and excellent invention selection by the Korea Invention Promotion Association.

Renewable Energy

hydrogen energy | fuel cell | solar power | ESS

G·ON contributes to the revitalization of the hydrogen economy by continuously researching and developing clean energy that does not pollute the environment, such as green hydrogen production using water electrolysis and hydrogen charging system for fuel cells, and hydrogen energy, an effective alternative to fossil fuels.

natural cycle

sludge drying | incineration | waste | SRF production facility | SRF and Wood Needle Boilers

privately funded business


We invest in technology-based businesses that can innovate the environmental industry through privately funded projects, and lead sustainable environmental development.

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